Performance benchmarks#

Some notable function in Pymech are benchmarked across different versions. The benchmarks are run using the tool airspeed velocity / asv.


The results of the benchmark are available here

How to run benchmarks#

  • Either install pymech with [dev] extras or pip install asv pyperf virtualenv.

  • Change to the directory docs/asv_bench

  • Close all heavy applications (browsers, video players, chat clients etc.) and tune the system for reducing jitter during benchmarking:

    sudo python -m pyperf system tune
  • Execute the benchmarks

    • on the current commit with the default Python:

      asv run
    • on the current commit with the PyPy installed using conda

      asv run --environment 'conda:*=*pypy'
    • on all git tags:

      ./ --environment 'conda:*=*pypy'
  • Build HTML of all the results asv publish

  • View the results asv preview